Dan Taki

The Nordic Blockchain Association


Why blockchain will transform the way we do business

One of the challenges that most entrepreneurs face is how to devise a business model in which companies in any given industry can agree on common standards and work together. The solution is building trust.

The problem with illicit financial flows

The estimated amount of money laundered in one year globally is around US 2.85 trillion. The clandestine nature of money laundering makes it very difficult to track organized crime and drug trafficking funds. According to UNODC, it is believed that around 2–5 percent of worldwide GDP is laundered globally every year, which is indeed an alarming number.

How does the NBA spread the concept of blockchain

The NBA has four pillars from which it promotes the adoption of blockchain for businesses. These include blockchain projects, conferences, academies, and networks that assist in regulatory work and community-building of blockchain organizations.

Blockchain, AI, and the world to come

Dan Taki is thrilled about the potential of blockchain in the future, and he expects the technology to reach new heights while disrupting several industries over the coming years. We see blockchain cases in different industries such as healthcare,government-issued documents, the banking and financial sector, etc.



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Robin G Kristensen

BA Communication and Media Strategies with a focus on technology and finance. Passionate about blockchain and the impact of decentralized systems.